“There is always a disposition in people’s minds to think that existing conditions will be permanent. When the market is down and dull, it is hard to make people believe that this is the prelude to a period of activity and advance. When the prices are up and the country…

Revisiting Novavax, a lesson in persistence

’Tis a lesson you should heed:

Try, try, try again.

If at first you don’t succeed,

Try, try, try again

William Edward Hickson


  • US Phase 3 Data is likely to replicate UK Phase 3 Data which produced a share price appreciation of 100%+…


Mindmed on the back of the ‘shroom-boom’ and a star investor in Kevin O’Leary has grabbed headlines as the next leader in mental health. However the firm’s questionable IP, delayed up-listing on the NASDAQ and recent insider selling, raise questions on the companies true ability to capitalise on a…


Deliberately thinking through the markets. Data Sci/Eng in FS | Locum Pharmacist | Ex-HC Analyst. Binary event driven pieces & occasionally code.

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